Seasons of Creation

by SiteWelder
February 7, 2023
"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."
- Albert Camus

As days grew shorter and temperatures colder in December, we started getting excited. For us, winter is a great time to regenerate and focus without the tempting pleasures of being outside.

This season, we took a deep dive into our designs and code and went to work. We have beautiful designs and great options, but wanted to update our system to allow more flexibility and features for our users.

We first looked at our Barcelona design. Originally designed for galleries with simple click-throughs of large images, it was looking dated. We also wanted to make it fully responsive and mobile-compatible.

So we started fresh, keeping the original design ideas but refining it with improved navigation and enhanced features for caption display and selling. It is now an easier and more engaging way to sell your work.

With our new personalized options, you can choose for viewers to enter directly into thumbnails or the large detailed versions of images. As with all of our designs, you can include introductory text for your galleries. And when viewed on mobile devices, the design precisely maintains its look-and-feel and functionality.

Finally, we updated purchasing options for Barcelona. Along with our options to sell your work through PayPal, you can set up each item for your viewers to contact you directly via email about specific items.

Through our integration with acclaimed photo lab Bay Photo, we connect your site directly with their FotoMoto online interface. Clicking a "Purchase Info" button brings up a great shopping cart interface on your page where your viewers can choose from your designated set of printing options:

Rise With Art Co, award-winning photographer Nataly Rader's nonprofit organization, uses the Barcelona design and FotoMoto to show and sell the work of photographers around the world, including Afghanistan. From Rise With Art:

"After the Taliban takeover, a few of Nataly's acquainted photographers managed to escape the country. And that was when she decided to create Rise With Art - a photo gallery online store - to help raise funds, which would assist her friends in building their new lives in the new countries."

Many photographers and artists use this time of year to organize their work and prepare for the rest of 2023. Log on and take a look through our freshly-updated designs and options. As always, contact us directly for assistance and ideas about how to make your work look its best.

We're here to help you tell your creative stories.

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